How do I know FLX works?

Intrinsic Biomechanics Model 

FLX uses our Intrinsic Biomechanical Model developed by studying the biomechanics of 4000 people.  This allows us to understand why your body moves as it does and to spot issues that may lead to pain or musculoskeletal problems.  The model creates a personalised physical therapy program to fix the issues.

The model has been clinically proven in real world settings to:

- Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disease and injury

- Help you self-manage pain

- Support healthy movement

A graph showing the reduction of incidence of MSK over a twelve week period

Reduces Musculoskeletal Disease

After 12 weeks of intervention was proven to reduce musculoskeletal disease by up to 64%

Reduces Absenteeism

Introduced over 3 quarters FLX was able to reduce absenteeism due to lower back pain by 52% starting from the first quarter of implementation

A bar chart showing the reduction of absenteeism over 3 quarters of a year through the use of FLX

Reduces Absenteeism

Self-manages Pain

Over a 6 week period FLX was shown to reduce pain by up to 75%

A graph showing the pain reduction through FLX self-management

Supports Movement

Over 12 weeks FLX was proven to improve flexibility by 149%, mobility by 42% and function by 95%

A bar chart showing how FLX improves flexibility, mobility and function.