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Who we Work With

We work with any business or organisation who cares about the health and wellbeing of their staff, who are at risk of musculoskeletal health issues in sedentary, active to highly manual settings.


As a corporate wellbeing platform to protect your staff from musculoskeletal issues and reduce absenteeism.


To provide remote access to physiotherapy for digital MSK services.  Preventative healthcare.


As a benefit of Health Insurance and to maintain health for lower premiums and payout.


As an adjunct to any brand with a musculoskeletal benefit (medicine, device, sporting, nutrition, vitamins, fitness, etc.).

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Access FLX

FLX is for organisations who want to look after the Health and Wellbeing of their staff by protecting their musculoskeletal health.

FLX is downloaded at APP Store or Play Store then contact us for usernames and passwords.

FLX is priced per user for 12 months access at £80.00.

Contact us for large team pricing or to trial FLX.

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